Fishing rules

February 15 2015 | News

Rapids fishing rules

  1. Kuokkala rapids (Kuokkalankosket) is a flowing waterway bearing salmon and whitefish for which the fishing permits are sold for as 24-hour or yearly permits.

  2. The 24-hour fishing period begins at the point in time wished by the buyer and ends when the fishing quota is filled or the time stated in the fishing permit ends. The yearly permit is for a calendar year at a time. Additional permits for the 24-hour period cannot be bought if the fishing quota is filled.

  3. Rapids fishing permit entitles fishing with one fishing rod and lure at a time or fly rod and two fly at a time. 

  4. The minimum sizes for fishes to be caught: Trout 60cm, Pike perch 45cm, Grayling 35cm and Char 40cm.

  5. Due to the salmon and whitefish population in the Kuokkala rapids, fishing is prohibited in the time period 1-September – 30-November. 

  6. The fishing quota per day (24-hour period) is two trouts and two pike perch per day.

  7. When accompanied by an adult who has obtained a fishing permit, a child aged less than eleven years old is allowed to fish without his/her own permit. In this case the catches of the adult and the child are counted towards the same fishing quota of three trouts per day and in addition two salmons during the time period of 15-April – 31-May.

  8. At Herralankoski letting the lure further than 20 meters from the middle bridge column is prohibited when there are other fishers throwing lures cross-stream, downstream from the fisher. At Herralankoski letting a lure downstream using a throwing bobber is also prohibited. Using an indicator with a fly is also prohibited. 

  9. Other fishers must be taken into account When throwing with a weight. The throw must be halfway across the stream and the weight must be properly attached (as per safety of the fishers on the opposite side).

  10. Catching fish by hooking in the body (Snagging) is prohibited. The maximum size for a tube fly is size #6. Only one jig at a time is allowed when jigging. Combining a jig and a tube fly or other similar combinations of two lures are prohibited. So called team of flies are also prohibited.

  11. Undersized fish or fish not caught by the mouth must be released appropriately and immediately.

  12. Catching bait fish with a landing net is allowed in the boat fishing areas. Catching bait fish is also allowed in the rapids fishing area (at the dam). Catching bait fish shall not disturb other fishing at the rapids. Catching bait fish requires a rapids fishing permit. Salmon fish caught when catching bait fish are to be released.

  13. Using an organic (worm-, fish-, or scent-) or doagh-based bait in the rapids fishing area is prohibited. Using a whole fish as a bait is allowed in the Antilanlahti rapids fishing area. Trouts caught using a bait must be released.

  14. Railing with a motor boat in the rapids fishing are is prohibited. Fishing from an anchored or otherwise stopped boat is prohibited. Anchoring is only allowed at Antilanlahti.
    Prohibited areas:
    Herralankoski: From the dam to the mouth of the Antilanlahti (bay) and 100 meters upstream from the dam.
    Old railroad bridge area: 50 meters upstream and 100 meters downstream from the beginning of the rapids.
    Välikoski: 50 meters up- and downstream from the beginning of the rapids.
    Kuokkalankoski: 50 meters upstream and to the beginning of the rapids from the highwaybridge. 

  15. Wading is prohibited around the year at the spawning gravel beds located at Herralankoski and Hakkarinkoski. 

  16. Making a campfire is only allowed in the dedicated campfire place at the Herralankoski lean-to. 

  17. Littering is prohibited.

  18. A fisher may stay in the same fishing spot for maximum 30 minutes at a time, after which the spot must be released for the next fisher.

  19. Fishing misdemeanor can lead to fishing permit being withheld temporarily for a time period. Permit payment is not refunded. 

  20. Fishing is prohibited 100 meters to both directions from the bridge where Tampereentie (road) goes over Moisionjoki (river).