Fish farming in an artificial reservoir

March 04 2024 | News

Breeding fish in an artificial reservoir can be an interesting and profitable occupation. But before you start, you need to carefully consider all the steps.

What you need to know before breeding fish in an artificial reservoir
We are sure that before taking such a responsible step, you will find a lot of useful information in thematic articles, websites and blogs of fishermen. Here are a few factors that you need to pay attention to first of all.

1. The choice of fish species:

  • Take into account the climate, the peculiarities of the water body, your goals (fishing, selling, personal consumption).
  • Popular choices: carp, crucian carp, trout, sturgeon, catfish.

2. Water body preparation:

  • Ensure sufficient depth, area, water clarity.
  • Create the necessary conditions: aeration, filtration, shelters, food.

3. Stocking:

  • Purchase fry or juveniles from trusted suppliers.
  • Observe recommended planting densities.

4. Feeding:

  • Use quality feed suitable for the selected fish species.
  • Observe the feeding regime and dosage.

5. Care:

  • Regularly monitor water quality.
  • Monitor the health of the fish and take timely action if necessary.

6. Harvesting:

  • Use suitable methods and equipment.
  • Follow fishing regulations.

Additional tips:

  • Familiarise yourself with the legislation governing fish farming.
  • Study the experiences of other fish farmers.
  • Involve specialists in your work.
  • Breeding fish in an artificial reservoir is a labour-intensive but very profitable business.

With the right approach, it can bring not only pleasure, but also a tangible profit. Before you start breeding fish, you need to carefully study all aspects of this business.

Species of fish intended for artificial breeding.

Not all species of fish can be grown artificially. Pay attention to the varieties that we offer.

1. Carp:

  • One of the most popular species for breeding.
  • Fast growing, unpretentious, resistant to disease.
  • There are many breeds with different characteristics.

2. Crappie:

  • Another unpretentious and hardy species.
  • It is well suited for beginner fish farmers.
  • Can breed naturally in an artificial pond.

3. Trout:

  • A valuable commercial fish.
  • Requires cleaner water and cooler temperatures.
  • Trout farming can be more costly, but also more profitable.

4. Sturgeon:

  • A delicacy fish, prized for its eggs.
  • Requires special housing and feeding conditions.
  • Sturgeon farming is a long-term project, but it can be highly profitable.

5. Catfish:

  • A large predatory fish that can become a decoration of your water body.
  • Requires a lot of space and nutrition.
  • Catfish farming can be interesting.

In addition to these species, also suitable for artificial breeding are:

  • Thickhead
  • White amur
  • Bream
  • Pike
  • Linh
  • Yazi.

When choosing a species of fish for breeding is necessary:

  • Take into account the climate, peculiarities of the water body, your goals.
  • Study the requirements for keeping and feeding.
  • Evaluate your capabilities and resources.