How does water temperature affect trout fishing? How to fish for trout?

June 14 2023 | News

Water temperature is important for trout fishing as it affects trout activity and behaviour. Trout are usually more active in a certain temperature range and fishing according to these conditions can increase the chances of catching.

In general, trout prefer water with a temperature around 10-15 °C. In this range it is usually more active and ready to eat. At lower temperatures the trout may become less active and at higher temperatures they may seek cooler areas or hide.

The following is recommended when fishing for trout:

  1. Choose the right spot: Examine the body of water to determine where the trout might be hiding. Usually these can be places with underwater obstacles, river inlets, deep holes, currents or areas with good water circulation.
  2. use the proper tackle: Use trout fishing gear and equipment such as a rod with a light reel and line suitable for the type of fishing you are doing.
  3. Choose the right lures: Trout can respond to different types of lures including artificial baits such as bait rods, flies, wobblers and live bait such as worms or bloodworms.
  4. Vary your fishing technique: Use a variety of fishing methods such as spinning, fishing with a feeder or fly-fishing. Vary the speed and style of the wire to attract the attention of the trout.
  5. Be patient and attentive: Trout fishing can take time and patience. Be alert to natural signs such as water movement, surface bites or the presence of other fish.
  6. Follow rules and ethics: Make sure you are familiar with the local rules and regulations regarding trout and other fish fishing.
  7. Be careful with fish handling: When you catch a trout, make sure you handle it with care and respect the ethics of fishing. If you plan to release the fish, try to minimise stress and damage by ensuring it is released carefully.
  8. Pay attention to the environment: Be responsible anglers and keep an eye on your surroundings. Don’t leave litter, follow safety rules and respect nature.

Of course, trout fishing results may vary depending on various factors, including the time of year, body of water conditions and the skills of the angler. It may take time and practice to develop your trout fishing skills.